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Dynamic Cities15th Venice Architecture Biennale

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  • Matèria: Arquitectura
  • Editor/a: Alvado Bañón, J.
  • ISBN: 978-84-1302-033-4
  • Edició: 1 - 2019 (març)
  • Idioma: anglés
  • Format: 15x21 (rústica)
  • Nre. pàg: 136

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What do we refer to when we talk about Architecture?

is the question that our architectural research at the University of Alicante revolves around. We want to talk from scratch about innovation, social behaviour, nature, growth, time, change, sustainability, weather, citizenship, atmosphere, water, adaptability, welfare and environment.

Conforming to the aim of the title, the book features Dynamic Cities in a broad variety of practices. There are several approaches from very diverse cultures and different backgrounds. In the layout, it is represented cities all over the world. The approaches are highlighted from unusual and very personal points of view. In this edition, it is expressed the possibility of uniting the dynamic processes and the architecture in a single image.

What would had happened if we had thought the city as a dynamic structure, nor as static one?

We need to educate the next generations to stay true to the initial conditions and to project the cities as dynamic structures to reload the architectural discussion.