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Assessing legal interpreter quality through testing and certification: The Qualitas Project


  • Matèries: DretTraducció
  • Editor/a: Giambruno, C.
  • ISBN: 978-84-9717-308-7
  • Edició: 1 - 2014 (juny)
  • Idioma: espanyol
  • Format: 17x24 (rústica)
  • Nre. pàg: 268

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Respect for the procedural rights of any individual involved in police or judicial matters is a basic tenet of a modern and sound system of justice. Providing legal interpreting services to suspects, defendants, victims and witnesses who are not proficient in the language in which legal matters are being conducted is a broadly accepted practice throughout the EU. However, it is only recently that emphasis has been placed on the quality of the services provided. EU Directive 2010/64/EU, through its mandate for quality in legal interpreter and translating services, has provided the impetus needed to reexamine current practices and work towards common standards and practices across the EU that would enhance mutual trust and allow for reciprocity and the sharing of expertise. This volume reflects the deliberations of a panel of experts from the fields of legal interpreting, testing theory, and public policy who agree that the most effective means of ensuring quality is through testing and certification. It addresses issues related to the assessment of the skill sets and knowledge required to ensure high quality legal interpreting and offers practical guidance and advice on the design and administration of a valid and reliable certification process.