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Lights, Camera and Action. Against Dating Violence.Manual for teachers

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The Lights, Camera and Action Against Dating Violence manuals integrate a program aimed at adolescents between 13 and 17 years old to promote assets from their immediate environment (school, family and community) and personal skills that promote the development of healthy relationships and the prevention of situations of gender-based violence. This program called “Let's film together to see ourselves in a new present” is structured in 15 sessions, in which some aspects related to couple relationships are worked on, such as myths associated with romantic love, emotion control, problem solving and self-esteem, among others. The final result of the training process finish with the elaboration of a video capsule by the students themselves, in which they can show in an artistic way everything they learned during the program, presenting a situation of couple conflict and its resolution. Three manuals are available: two guidance manuals for teachers and one activity book for students.

Lights, Camera and Action. Against Dating Violence.